PBL tubes or Laminated Tubes are made completely of plastic with the barrier layer being made of Ethyl Vinyl alcohol (EVOH) plastic granules. EVOH is primarily used in applications where the packaging needs to look extra attractive, especially cosmetic products.

Laminated Tubes made of all plastic layers can be completely transparent and make the final product packed inside the tube visible to the customers. These tubes are passed through conventional metal detectors.

Laminate Structure: 300/15, 310/15 & 390/9.

Barrier Properties

Short Name Laminate Type Barrier Material Used Light Air Moisture
PBL Tubes (EVOH) Plastic Barrier Laminate EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Polymer) Good Good Good
PBL Tubes (PET) Plastic Barrier Laminate Polyester Good Good Good
PBL Tubes (NYLON) Plastic Barrier Laminate NYLON Good Good Good