evoh-barrierThe Multilayer Laminated Tubes (lamitube) made from laminates with aluminium foil barrier combine the excellent barrier advantages of traditional metal tubes & the attractive visual and tactile feel of the plastic tubes.

The ABL tubes give good “collapsible” effect which is desirable where precise dispensing of the product is required. Today, ABL tubes are not only used for toothpaste applications, but also increasingly for cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and household and industrial applications.

ABDOS is Equipped to produce ABL tubes ranging from minimum 175/12 structure to maximum 280 / 20 structure.
  • Laminate is a product made by bonding together two or more materials, whether plastic or aluminium foil.
  • There is no perfect, universal packaging material.
  • Laminates assemble materials with individually desirable properties to create an optimum combination.
  • Aluminium foil possesses the best barrier properties and preserves products from light, oxygen & moisture.

Structure for Tubes in microns

Total Aluminium St Colours
175 12 White / Silver
200 9 / 12 White / Silver
220 12 White / Silver
232 12 White / Silver
250 12 White / Silver
275 12 / 20 White / Silver
300 12 White / Silver

Lamitubes Diameter with Capping Options

Dia (mm) 19mm 22mm 25mm 28mm 30mm 32mm 35mm
Conical Cap  
Standup Cap
Oval Cap
Flip Top Cap
Pump Cap

Packaging Application

Short Name Toothpaste Ointments Cosmetics Ketchups
ABL Tubes
Short Name Laminate Type Barrier Material Used Light Air Moisture
ABL Tubes Aluminium Barrier Laminate Aluminium Superior Superior Superior

Comments (6)

  • We have requirement of Laminated tube (ABL) 28 dia with flip top cap.
    qty – 1 lac
    Please give me best offer.

  • We manufacture ceramic lens or rings from sizes 16 mm to 36 mm for lamitubes shouldering. We also make BM weld glass and ceramic electrodes for Corona treatment.

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