ABDOS is  constantly viewing the increase demand in the global and Indian beauty care industry which is close to $250 million currently. Over the past 13 years ABDOS has been delivering high quality laminated tubes to some of the biggest brands in the Indian sub-continent.

ABDOS offers a wide range of services together with complete tubing solutions for Cosmetics, Skin, Body and Hair care products. ABDOS has the technical capability to manufacture innovative, attractive and glamorous tubes that adds value to the brand image of the products.


Indian Oral care market is forecasted to reach $2 Billion USD by 2018. Sensing the huge opportunity in this segment ABDOS has dedicated large portion of its manufacturing capability to Oral Category. Many leading Indian sub-continent oral care brands depend on Abdos’ capability to manufacture tubes with extended shelf life, hygienic and with increased clarity. Based on customer requirements tubes can be manufactured in different sizes, shapes, dimensions and  colors.


The Food segment has always been a very fascinating and dynamic sector. ABDOS’ long-standing partnerships together with its commitment to research and innovate have contributed to our success in this sector.

ABDOS consistently manufactures tubes with high quality, hygiene and under clean room conditions making it an ideal fit for the food industry. We offer wide variety of custom made tube which can be extensively used to pack pastes, sauces and other food products.


Global pharmaceutical packaging industry is close to $70 billion and Abdos is eyeing to leverage itself into this ever-growing segment with world-class quality control and manufacturing capabilities. ABDOS can deliver extraordinary packaging solutions to biotech, pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry.

ABDOS can manufacture tubes for skin ointments, antiseptic gels and medicated creams along with wide variety of other medical applications.