New Products

Production of tubes with the thinnest laminate for oral care

Producing tubes with lesser thickness of laminate is always a challenge for tube manufacturers. However, in order to reduce plastic consumption Abdos emphasizes the right choice of laminate to best suit product requirement. This is applicable for both ABL & PBL tubes and Abdos has been successful in implementing the same wherein alternate structure can be used without compromising on the aesthetics.

The R&D team works closely with client to work out the possibilities and tests the tubes formed with thin laminates under controlled & uncontrolled conditions before recommending a structure.

Production of tubes with the thickest laminate for skin care

Abdos encourages conversion from coextruded plastic tubes to PBL tubes wherein suitable structure is recommended for packaging of the skin care product. This is again an initiative for sustainability wherein huge cost is saved by client Company in cost per tube. This is one of the major area and Abdos has handled requirements for FMCG giants in 7 countries and made them successful.

Production of Pump Tube for use in fairness cream & skin moisturizer

Abdos is the 1st Company in India to produce tubes with Pump for dispensing the product. This has been widely tested for Cosmetic Skin Creams & Moisturizers by countries like India, Russia, Middle East & USA. Similar developments are currently being undertaken for Europe and Abdos is committed to being in more developments in the coming years.